High School Musical – The Movie Plot

Troy Bolton and Gabriela Montez were forced to sing a duet at a New Year’s party in a ski resort and instantly clicked. They exchanged numbers thinking they were not going to see each other again after the winter break.

As soon as Troy goes back to school he resumes his jock days as the team captain of the East High basketball team Wildcats. Gabriela on the other hand, finds herself the new girl at East High when her mom gets transferred to a new job at Albuquerque, New Mexico. In school, Gabriela and Troy once again cross paths.

Troy and Gabriela find themselves in a situation where they have to listen to their hearts more than to people’s opinions about them. Troy and Gabriela end up auditioning for the school’s musical where they become up for the lead roles against brother and sister tandem Sharpay and Ryan Evans.

Sharpay and Ryan Evans have been the stars of their school’s musicals since they started going to East High and now they can’t believe that the school jock has auditioned with the new girl for the latest musical. They feel that people should stay with their cliques and remain committed to a single interest. Even Troy’s basketball teammates make a big deal out of Troy auditioning for the role because in their minds, athletes do not spend their days singing up on stage and trying to become an actor. To them, the whole idea of Troy auditioning for the school musical is just utterly preposterous.

Even Troy’s father is unsupportive of Troy’s new found interest in music and acting. To him, the only way Troy can guarantee that he has a bright future is to focus on his basketball so he can land a college scholarship. He fears the musical will take Troy’s focus off basketball.

Meanwhile, Sharpay discovers Gabriela’s high aptitude for Math and how she was the Math whiz in her former school. She submits Gabriela’s credentials to the Math team in school without the knowledge of Gabriela. Gabriela is instantly recruited by the Math Decathlon team.

Sharpay and Ryan try to make a point that jocks should hang out with jocks, geniuses with geniuses, etc. They are determined to keep Troy on the basketball team and Gabriela on the Math Decathlon team so that they can play the lead roles in the upcoming winter musicale. Sharpay together with Troy’s and Gabriela’s friends device a plan that will help her keep the two lead stars off the musical.

Gabriela’s feelings end up feeling hurt and she decides to give up trying out during the final audition. When Troy makes his peace with Gabriela and they decide to give the audition a shot, Sharpay once again finds a way to move the audition date to coincide with a basketball game and the Math Decathlon.

Thinking the two stars won’t show up for the audition the teacher almost gives the lead roles to Sharpay and Ryan but with the Math Decathlon and the whole basketball team now behind Gabriela and Troy, they are able to work out a plan so that the two can still audition. Troy and Gabriela audition at the last minute and completely blew away the audience that has come to watch them perform.

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